Parent Coaching

Foundational parent coaching is a powerful strategy that can help parents regain their energy, take charge of their family, and take charge of their personal life in order to increase confidence as a parent. A parenting coach will teach parents how to break down the issues they are currently dealing with in their families and teach them how to analyze what is and what is not working for them. Parents will learn new strategies to reorganize their parenting to create a healthier vibrant family using the 5 Steps of Foundational Parenting.


Foundational Parenting Philosophy based on the following:

  1. Addiction affects parenting and as a result, the whole family is affected
  2. Everyone is fragile the first year of recovery with high relapse rates. Support for parenting is critical to help families thrive and grow to combat addiction
  3. Change can happen
  4. Families can reorganize
  5. Parents can be affective even if they have other challenges in their lives
  6. All family members can learn to live a life not organized around addiction
    divorce, mental health challenges, and abuse


Parent Coaching:

  1. Provide support to parents during the first year of recovery for their adolescent, young adult, or spouse as they strengthen their parenting
  2. Provide support to parents who have major stressors in their families in addition to stressors from addiction
  3. Teach parents how to have present moment awareness, worry less, be more available for themselves and their family members
  4. Teach strategies to increase emotional connection with their children
  5. Teach new approaches to being non-reactive
  6. Teach strategies to be more present
  7. Encourage parents to set boundaries and live within their value system
  8. Teach parents to take back their power from the stress and challenges in
    everyday life
  9. Provide ongoing, intentional support using 5 Steps of Foundational Parenting


To learn more about this very powerful support for parents, contact Barbara Krovitz-Neren: or call 651-983-9856.