Foundational Parenting Programs help parents reorganize their parenting from addicted and stressful systems to healthier, vibrant families!

Barbara Krovitz-Neren, M.A

“Barbs’s passion is to teach parents to take back their power from the addiction in their families and help them to rebuild their foundation.”

barb-2She has been a youth and parenting advocate for over 30 years. She was co- founder and director of Children Are People, and founder of Confident Kids, where she created a support group model for elementary and middle school age youth at risk and for children of alcoholics. She trained individuals in school districts, community social service agencies, and parent groups in Minnesota, nationally, and internationally. As a pioneer in the prevention field, she has created programs that have impacted over 50,000 youth, adolescents, young adults and parents. She is the founder of Competent Parents, Confident Kids and created a new program through her work with thousands of children, adolescents, young adults, and parents called Foundational Parenting.

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Foundational Parenting Programs will do the following for parents in all programs:

  • Provide support to parents to learn strategies to strengthen their core
  • Teach parents to balance their life to be more available to their families
  • Teach parents to take back their power from an addicted system, divorcing family, or family with major stressors
  • Teach strategies to increase emotional connection with their children
  • Teach new approaches to being non-reactive with their children
  • Teach strategies to be more present with their children
  • Strengthen parents parenting to create increased joy in their families
  • Encourage clarity of family values, and rules

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