Foundational Parenting Steps

These steps are the roots or foundations of parenting created by Barbara Krovitz-Neren. They are integrated into the work that is done with all parents as strategies to detach from the web of addiction. When they are in place, everyone benefits. Children of all ages will feel a sense of belonging, a sense of importance, a sense of safety, and they will feel understood. Parents will be able to take back their power to reorganize their families. Also, these steps can be useful in helping parents get back on track when they slip to old ways of acting and reacting to their children. These steps teach parents to detach/not abandon their children.

The steps are:

  1. Practice being present with their children of all ages
  2. Develop emotional attunement with their children of all ages
  3. Respond to children without judgment
  4. Create sacred family time
  5. Clarify values, rules, and boundaries