Consulting + Speaking

Barbara Krovitz-Neren can consult with programs to create, train or enhance a stronger parenting component with staff or parents. She can help you integrate this program into already existing programs or help you develop next steps to your programs with parent programming after treatment.

Her Public Speaking topics and seminars are all based on teaching professionals or parents strategies to support healthy parenting where addiction no longer rules their families.

Topic ideas:

  • The affects of addiction/mental health challenges on parenting/5 Step Approach teaching parents to reclaim their parenting and shift family to recovery.
  • What the Kids taught me they need from their parents in recovery
  • Meet with students in Recovery High schools, Public or Private Middle Schools, or High Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Aftercare programs, Treatment Programs – survey their wisdom regarding parenting and other topics and then use the information to integrate into a workshop for their parents.

Topics can be developed and adapted to fit individual organizational needs.

For your questions, information on fees for coaching, consulting or trainings, contact
Barbara Krovitz-Neren at or call 651-983-9856.