Barbs’s passion is to teach parents to take back their power from the addiction in their families and help them to rebuild their foundation.


Foundational Parenting Programs help parents reorganize their parenting from addicted and stressful systems to healthier, vibrant families!


Parenting the Addicted Teen, A 5 Step Foundational Program.” is a rich, useful how-to book of the highest order. With clarity, simplicity, depth, and enormous wisdom, Barbara Krovitz-Neren offers a life-changing guidebook parents can use right now to understand their recovering children as they’ve never understood them before.
Dr. Stephanie Brown, Director, Addiction Institute Outpatient Program, Menlo Park; psychologist in private practice; author of eleven books; researcher, consultant, and lecturer in the field of addiction


In “Parenting the Addicted Teen, A 5 Step Foundational Program,” Krovitz-Neren offers a concrete, practical, yet emotionally intelligent model based on her years of experience and research to guide parents through the difficulties of navigating the recovery process in a way that is healing, compassionate, and hopeful. She is finely attuned to the voices and needs of the kids who are desperately fighting for their lives and are so in need of the love and embrace of their families, as well as to the plight of parents who are often frustrated and desperate. An important book for parents and professionals!
—Ann Cusack, PsyD, RN, CADC


In “Parenting the Addicted Teen, A 5 Step Foundational Program, ”Barbara Krovitz-Neren uses real-life testimonials from actual adolescents and parents, Barbara has written a thought-provoking parenting manual specifically for parents of young people suffering from CUD. I am grateful not only for the work Barbara has done with our families over the years, but even more importantly, for writing this book, thus providing me an excellent resource to pass along to inquiring parents.
Michael Durchslag, Director of P.E.A.S.E. Academy, Recovery High School

parent of a young adult or adolescent struggling with addiction and/or early recovery needs to read this book! Barbara Krovitz-Neren captures the essence of the war-torn family and with great compassion offers a focused path to healing and recovery for the whole family system.
Claudia Black, PhD, MSW, Clinical Architect of the Young Adult Program at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, The Meadows, Author

Her book will serve as a guide for individuals, families, and professionals to create a structure and a foundation upon which to build new family systems and leave a legacy of health and recovery.
Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, renowned family therapist, founding chairperson of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, author of numerous books including Another Chance: Hope and Health for the Alcoholic Family


I will never let addiction rule our family again!  The 5 steps gave me the strategies to take back my family- thank you Barb.
Parent in group


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